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Pominchuk Architects Build a Terraced House in Kharkiv, Ukraine

By • 11 hours ago

Arthouse by Pominchuk Architects (1)

When it comes to architecture and home design, some pieces are created like pure art. Of course, there’s always a primary goal in interior decor to create something visually pleasing or stimulating, but the occasional designer will take that to the next level, ensuring that things are functional and practical but also utterly beautiful in their construction. Do you need a good visual of what we mean? Then you must check out Arthouse!


Andrea Mosca Creative Studio Designs a Private Residence in Paris

By • 13 hours ago

Bookshelf House by Andrea Mosca Creative Studio (3)

Have you ever dreamed of designing your own home that’s themed after or designed around your biggest hobby or your favourite way to spend your spare time? If you’re going to invest the time and money into creating yourself a custom space, you might as well incorporate the things you love doing most, right? That’s how some of the most creative and impressive homes in the business are built!


MF+ Arquitetos Designs a Private Residence in Franca, Brazil

By • 15 hours ago

Casa MCNY by MF+ Arquitetos (1)

In places with gorgeously warm weather all year round, open concept homes are a popular option so that climate and nature kind of become one with the decor and lifestyle. There are plenty of ways to build gorgeous open concept living, but some designers prefer to make homes that easily transform into private spaces in minutes. This way, residents have the option of open air or shady, cool rooms no matter where in the house they are, rather than traveling around the house to seek what they’re looking for.


A Monochromatic Home in Moscow, Russia

By • 1 day ago

Nagatinskaya by buro5 (7)

Monochromatic colours schemes aren’t common in average home designs, but each time we seen one that has been done particularly well, we wish they’d trend even harder. Establishing a monochromatic decor design throughout an entire home is best done by varying certain pieces every so slightly by shade or tone but keeping things within the same colour family. Nagatinskaya, a residential project located in Moscow, Russia, is a shining example of how to do that perfectly.


Rob Mols Architect and studio k Interior and Landscape Architects Come Together to Design a Semi Detached Home in Leuven, Belgium

By • 2 days ago

Semi Detached Home in Leuven by Rob Mols Architect (6)

For some homeowners, architects, and designers, it’s all about interiors. Perhaps you’re quite pleased with the structure and design of your home on the outside but the inside could use a facelift? In our experience, these make for some of the most unique living spaces, particularly when there’s wooden finish involved. We’re always obsessed with the inclusion of gorgeously glossed or textured wood in home decor, but there’s a specific kind of style that we’ve been crazy for lately: unfinished chic. We find this aesthetic particularly intriguing when it’s combined with wood that has, in fact, been stained and finished in other areas of the house.


MZC Plus Design a Contemporary Home in Treviso, Italy

By • 2 days ago

Turned House by MZC Plus (41)

When we think “contemporary houses”, our minds automatically go to a number of features. For example, we start to picture clean white surfaces and colour schemes, bright pops of accent colour, unconventional decor shapes, and lots of crystal clear glass. If that sounds like the kind of contemporary house you enjoy most too, then you simply must check out the photos of Turned House in Treviso, Italy!


Despacho Arquitectos HV Design a Spacious Contemporary Home in Ciudad de Mexico

By • Jan 17, 2017

Casa O' by Despacho Arquitectos HV (6)

When you’re looking for home inspiration in preparation for building a house, it’s easy to scroll through all different homes, styles, and decors in search of aspects and features you like best. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to find a grand and impressive “super home” where the designers have gone all out and incorporate just about everything you could possibly wish for in one place, just to see how people have incorporated different awesome ideas in the past. One such glorious home is the beautiful Casa O’!


Meguro Architecture Laboratory Designs an Experimental Home in Tokyo, Japan

By • Jan 17, 2017

EN House by Meguro Architecture Laboratory (8)

In some uniquely designed contemporary homes, the signs that you’re in for a visual treat are very subtle from the street. The outside of the home might look deceivingly “normal” at first, leaving you to be surprised when you walk through the door and encounter the modern visual masterpiece that is the interior. EN House is the perfect example of what we mean!


Edouard Brunet and François Martens Design a Private Residence in Flanders, Belgium

By • Jan 17, 2017

ETIE by Edouard Brunet and François Martens (1)

Have you ever seen extended roof home designs where the edge of the roof hangs lower than usual, bringing the top of the house down so that it forms part of the front facade as well. These houses aren’t uncommon but some designers take a much more modern or artistic approach to the angles and the way the roof extends downward. For some designers, this is a great way to set the tone for the style that might be built on the inside. That’s exactly the story with this gorgeous overhanging ceiling home called ETIE!


Krupinski/Krupinska Arkitekter Design a Home in the Forest in Sweden

By • Jan 16, 2017

Summerhouse-T by Krupinski/Krupinska Arkitekter (3)

Are you intrigued by the concept of micro-living but you’re not one for big city life? We’ll admit that, even though we scour the world over for unique home designs, most of the micro-living homes we’ve seen have been located in the heart of thriving cities and busy neighbourhoods… until now.