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TA Dumbleton Architect Designs a Private Home in New York

By • 9 hours ago

WE House by TA Dumbleton Architect PC (15)

Usually when we think about the concept of “wide open spaces”, we think of lovely green areas, big plots of land, and nature everywhere. When your field of expertise is building homes, however, you might start thinking about how that kind of concept applies to the indoors as well as just the outdoor world around us. That’s exactly what happened in 2014 when TA Dumbleton Architect designed and built a spacious private home in New York, USA.


BKK Architects Design a Wooden Contemporary Home in Mt Martha, Australia

By • 11 hours ago

Split House by BKK Architects (28)

When it comes to ultramodern housing, shapes and angles are one of the most satisfying things we could possibly see in a photo. The more experimental and contemporary a structure is, the more we love it. We’re also pretty big fans of houses named after their unique shape as well. That’s why we were so pleased when we came across the photos of the aptly named Split House!


A House with a View in Mogilany, Poland

By • 13 hours ago

House with a View by doomo (3)

For many people, the concept of owning a “large home” means owning one that sprawls across a large plot of land and takes up a wide square footage. Some architects and designers, however, prefer to harness the unique opportunities that lie in building upwards instead! Houses that grow taller rather than spread wider are a unique chance to give a family more space in a different way and they’re also practically unparalleled when it comes to creating your own view of the surrounding area.


Bracket Design Studio Creates a Contemporary Villa in the Garden City of Isfahan, in Iran

By • 1 day ago

Villa 131 by Bracket Design Studio (2)

Have you always been a fan of ultra modern and minimalist designs when it comes to home decor? We have too, but we’re extra intrigued by homes and buildings that take those concepts further and incorporate them into the actual design of the structure.


Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated Design a Private Residence in Nonthaburi, Thailand

By • 1 day ago

Tiwanon House by Archimontage Design (37)

As enthusiasts of innovative home design, we’re always intrigued to see how architects account for climate when they design modern homes for maximum comfort and style combined. That’s why we were so enthralled by the photos when we found out about Tiwanon House, a residential project designed by Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated in 2015.


Hashim Sarkis Studios Design Four Single-Family Houses on the Coast of Aamchit, Lebanon

By • 2 days ago

The Courtowers by Hashim Sarkis Studios (1)

In our time as great appreciators of all things home and design, we’ve come across plenty of homes and residences that bear “towers” somewhere in their name. Often these buildings are simply inspired by the structure of a tower or named after a tower that once stood on the land or somewhere closer. Occasionally, however, we come across a building that, despite being a private home, actually does have its very own tower!


Studio 304 Architecture Completes a Refurbishment and Extension Project in London, England

By • Jan 21, 2017

Sunken Bath Project by Studio 304 Architecture (1)

Sometimes the best way to update an old home is to choose an area of the house that needs refreshing, leaving the rest of it to stand in all its historical splendor. Many professional designers and architects choose to do this on older streets that have strong consistency of style all throughout the neighbourhood, like countless historical lanes and roads throughout England do. This gives the family a fresh start inside the home, and maybe outside a little bit in the form of an addition, but still keeps the valuable historical aesthetic on the outside in tact.


Steven Vandenborre and Mias Sys Come Together to Create a Simple and Elegant Home in Ghent, Belgium

By • Jan 20, 2017

Abeel House by Steven Vandenborre (1)

In our experience, there’s a certain level of excitement that comes with being able to tell that a home is beautifully modern and contemporarily decorated before you even step through the doors. This is usually evident from the inclusion of big, gorgeous windows, clean, industrial materials, and unique angles on the home’s exterior. Abeel House is a stunning example of what we mean!


Archiplanstudio Designs a Three-Level Apartment in Milan

By • Jan 20, 2017

Appartamento Milazzo by Archiplanstudio (1)

One of the best ways to create a beautiful contrast between modern contemporary styles and artistic aesthetics when it comes to home design and decor is to incorporate and embrace unique shapes, surfaces, and textures to create stunning visual combinations. This often looks very modern in a way that people don’t find homey, but depending on the combinations of materials you choose, modern shapes can certainly be made to look cozy and unique instead. Just check out Appartamento Milazzo to see what we mean!


Michiel De Backer, Jakub Senkowski and Martin Mikovčák Design a Unique Home in Bruges, Belgium

By • Jan 20, 2017

Ark Shelter by Michiel De Backer + Jakub Senkowski (1)

Are you a nature enthusiasts with years of camping under your belt but you’ve been looking for a way to enjoy the relaxing outdoors without living rough? Some people build woodland shelters that give them a little more coverage when they need to escape but some of these structures are beyond rustic. In recent years, designers have been taking shelters like these as an opportunity to get creative in minimalist ways and try their hand at creating beautiful micro-living spaces. Ark Shelter is a stellar example of the kind of little woodland haven we mean.