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Meguro Architecture Laboratory Designs an Experimental Home in Tokyo, Japan

By • 31 mins ago

EN House by Meguro Architecture Laboratory (8)

In some uniquely designed contemporary homes, the signs that you’re in for a visual treat are very subtle from the street. The outside of the home might look deceivingly “normal” at first, leaving you to be surprised when you walk through the door and encounter the modern visual masterpiece that is the interior. EN House is the perfect example of what we mean!


Edouard Brunet and François Martens Design a Private Residence in Flanders, Belgium

By • 3 hours ago

ETIE by Edouard Brunet and François Martens (1)

Have you ever seen extended roof home designs where the edge of the roof hangs lower than usual, bringing the top of the house down so that it forms part of the front facade as well. These houses aren’t uncommon but some designers take a much more modern or artistic approach to the angles and the way the roof extends downward. For some designers, this is a great way to set the tone for the style that might be built on the inside. That’s exactly the story with this gorgeous overhanging ceiling home called ETIE!


Krupinski/Krupinska Arkitekter Design a Home in the Forest in Sweden

By • 22 hours ago

Summerhouse-T by Krupinski/Krupinska Arkitekter (3)

Are you intrigued by the concept of micro-living but you’re not one for big city life? We’ll admit that, even though we scour the world over for unique home designs, most of the micro-living homes we’ve seen have been located in the heart of thriving cities and busy neighbourhoods… until now.


Pattersons Design a Luxury Fortress Atop a Hill in Muriwai, New Zealand

By • 24 hours ago

Parihoa House by Pattersons (3)

If you’ve never been to New Zealand then you only need to ask a friend who has or read even the simplest tourist review to learn about its reputation for gorgeous sprawling green space, luscious nature, and waters fit for some of the best surfing around. It makes sense, then, that designers and architects in the area would be intent on building homes that take advantage of the views and the space available.


ITN Architects Complete a Renovation and Extension to an Old 1880’s Victorian Brick House in an Old Suburb of Melbourne, Australia

By • 1 day ago

Neumann Haus by ITN Architects (12)

In our coverage of freshly built and redesigned homes, we often come across architectural projects that involve updating older homes to give them a fresh lease a life. Occasionally we find that contemporary changes and additions can detract from the older charm of the building or look out of place in an older neighbourhood, but designers who really invest in the project and take care in creating contrast between the old and the new often create homes that are absolutely stunning in their update. One such example is Neumann Haus, a private residence in Hawthorn East, Victoria, Australia.


OOA | Office O Architects Design a Contemporary Villa in Oostduinkerke, Belgium

By • Jan 14, 2017

Villa CD by OOA | Office O architects (12)

Have you always loved the thought of living in a beach villa, but your personal tastes and styles are actually quite different than the more whimsical seaside designs you usually encounter in beach living options? Then we think you’ll take more inspiration than usual from this ultra modern home in Oostduinkerke, Belgium!


Matt Fajkus Architecture Designs a Home Incorporating Its Local Landscape in Austin, Texas

By • Jan 13, 2017

[Bracketed Space] House by Matt Fajkus Architecture (16)

Have you always dreamed of living in a lovely, clean home that lets you wander in and out to a gorgeous outdoor space from just about any room? Perhaps you love modernly styled homes but you’re careful about which pieces you pick out so that your home doesn’t become modernized to the extent that it feels cold or unlived in? Then prepare to be inspired by a home that fits this very description to a T.


Refuge Renovates a Private Residence in Megève, France

By • Jan 13, 2017

The Hermitage by Refuge (7)

Often when we see residences and homes that are heavy on wooden decor, we think of cottages, lodges, and beautifully rustic chic aesthetics. Every once in a while, however, a contemporary designer comes along and changes things up, putting a twist on rich wooden features that comes off modern above all else.


Sebastián Irarrázaval Designs a Cozy Woodland Home in Chile

By • Jan 13, 2017

2Y House by Sebastián Irarrázaval (19)

When we think of large lakeside homes, our minds automatically picture a few things. We imagine either small, cozy cottages where nature is the experience rather than the decor, or sprawling woodland lodges that make a distinct but beautiful claim on the countryside. 2Y House in Colico, Chile, however, puts a new spin on hillside lake homes that’s breathtakingly unique and actually quite environmentally friendly. The final effect is nothing short of gorgeous.


M12 architettura design Creates an Elegant Apartment in Corato, Italy

By • Jan 12, 2017

SG House by m12 architettura design (5)

When we’ve lived in smaller spaces in the past, we’ve often gone out of our way to furnish and decorate them in as modern a style as possible. We find that the more clean and contemporary a smaller space is, the more organized and less crowded it looks. This isn’t why all small, modern looking apartments are styled to look very contemporary, but it sure explains our love for them!