The Olnick Spanu House by Alberto Campo Baeza Architects

By • Mar 27, 2011 •  Selected Work 

Designed by Madrid-based studio Alberto Campo Baeza Architects, the Olnick Spanu House is located in Garrison, New York.

This 9,700 square-foot residence, completed in 2008, stands out by its privileged situation and its amazing transparent living and dining spaces.

The Olnick Spanu House by Alberto Campo Baeza:

“The place is of profound tranquility where after a day of rain and fog an intense light reflects in the stilled mirror of the majestic Hudson River´s deep waters.

A place where twilights are a thousand colors as the water breaks into a thousand reflections. A place where the air is clean and calm, and mild. One could say a place that is very close to heaven.

In this impressive place, we establish a plane, a platform that underlines the landscape before us, seeking to enhance it.

A large long box is thus built, 122 feet long by 54 feet wide by 12 feet high, with sturdy concrete walls that accentuate its relationship to the land. The roof of this box is flat, paved in stone, travertine, so that we may use it.

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