Eichler Home Renovation in San Rafael

By • Apr 15, 2011 •  Selected Work 

This Eichler house located in San Rafael, Marin County in San Francisco Bay Area, California, was completely remodeled in 2007 by San Francisco-based architects Lucian Rosciszewski and Marek Slosar.

The central courtyard includes a fountain and bamboo trees creating a Zen atmosphere of calm and serene space that is visible from all the interior rooms.

Blending indoors and outdoors, this four bedrooms, three bathroom Eichler fuses the interiors and the landscape in a cohesive environment.

For those who live in the area, the 1944 square foot house is back on the market at $ $1,198,000. Buy it now!

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One Comment to Eichler Home Renovation in San Rafael

  1. Home Improvement says:

    Love the glass covering for the bathroom along with the bathroom sink. The combination gives the bathroom lots of charm and uniqueness. it is definitely a luxuries beautiful home.

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