Bamboo Forest House by Roewu Architecture

By • Apr 26, 2011 •  Selected Work 

London-based studio Roewu Architecture has completed the Bamboo Forest House, a vacation house in eastern Taiwan.

Located in a dense urban area and confined on two sides by blank party walls the house must gain all its light and air from the street while maintaining privacy and security.

Designed to accommodate an extended family, the house has an unusual exterior with its bamboo screen.

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2 Comments to Bamboo Forest House by Roewu Architecture

  1. Francisco Pardo Tellez says:

    Algunos piensan que colocar bambú (guadua) en la fachada o sembrar pasto en la cubierta es suficiente para hacer un proyecto “sostenible”, en este caso esa “piel” de antefachada, sin ningun efecto bio-climatico es más anecdotica que práctica y el costo ecológico de usarla más bien es negativo….

    Some believe that placing bamboo (guadua) on the front or planting grass on the cover is enough to make a project “sustainable” in this case the “skin ” antefachada, without any bio-climatic effect is more anecdotal than practical and environmental cost of using more negative ….

    Francisco Pardo Téllez
    Arquitecto, Colombia

  2. Tampa Architects says:

    This design and home structure is absolutely amazing. Designs like this truly fascinate me. Now if only every home in the US could have an amazing design like this.

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