Zephyros Villa by Koutsoftides Architects

By • May 2, 2011 •  Selected Work 

Koutsoftides Architects have designed the Zephyros Villa in Pomos, Cyprus.

The house was originally designed as a vacation home, but during the building process, the owners decided to leave London and stay in Cyprus on permanent vacation!

Zephyros Villa by Koutsoftides Architects:

“”The shadow of your project is captured in the landscape, so you must first hearken it” said Renzo Piano.

From the early stages of the elaboration of the sketches we had in mind these words of the great architect. We tried to extrude those elements which would contribute and reflect these thoughts so building and landscape become one:to receive at any time of the day and night,regardless season the glorious sun,the Zephyros,the majestic blue sea and the mysterious silver moon of August,as when we were kids going camping and enjoying nature,so the users can embrace all the elements under one… permanent camping tent!

The house was initially designed as a holiday house. In the process, our clients decided to leave London and come to reside in Cyprus.

Despite the fact that originally the house was meant to be used for holidays the clients decide to have… permanent holidays!

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