Sustainable House Ocho by Feldman Architecture

By • May 23, 2011 •  Selected Work 

San Francisco-based studio Feldman Architecture has sent us photos of the House Ocho project.

Located in Carmel, a small city in Monterey County, California, the 2,900 square-foot residence was built in 2004 by Groza Construction, with the help of green roof consultant Rana Creek.

The house received an Energy and Sustainability Honor award from the American Institute of Architects in 2007 for its use of passive solar heating and living roofs which made the project very energy efficient.

House Ocho by Feldman Architecture:

“Located in a nature preserve in the Santa Lucia Mountains, the site of oak forests and steep meadows strongly impacted and inspired Feldman Architecture’s design for House Ocho. In order to reduce the impact of the home’s massing and to preserve site lines, the building settles into the ground and overhanging roofs are planted with tall native grasses. The house is also divided up into a series of pavilions to lessen its overall mass.

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