Tree House by Jackson Clements Burrows

By • Jun 17, 2011 •  Selected Work 

Melbourne-based architectural firm Jackson Clements Burrows (JCB) has completed the Tree House project in 2008.

The 2,368 square foot two story residence is perched on a steep hillside at Separation Creek in Victoria, Australia.

According to the architects, “the tree house draws on the modest local vernacular of 1950’s painted fibro shacks with cement sheet lining and expressed battens over joints.

The sculptural form and associated colour scheme allow the built form to both connect with the landscape and to dissolve within it.”

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Tree House by Jackson Clements Burrows:

“The treehouse is sited in the bush fringe of Separation Creek, perched on a steep forested hillside above the Great Ocean Road and Bass Strait. It is a site that enjoys a unique combination of bush environment with intimate views of Separation Creek, the beach and the Wye River Peninsula to beyond.

The steepness of the site, landscape controls and landslip potential resulted in a limited building envelope to work within. These constraints (or opportunities) led us to explore a sensitive yet sculptural response that minimised it footprint by echoing in form a tree with branches, with rooms branching and cantilevering in all directions of a central trunk to take advantage of views, access and aspect.

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