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Waterfall Factory Conversion in Sweden

By • Jul 27, 2011 •  Selected Work 


Located close to the city of Hässleholm in Sweden, this 1950 factory building sits on a 1.4 acre lot on a small lake surrounded by woods.

The building was partially refurbished into a spacious 3,230 square-foot apartment on the first floor, while the rest of the first floor stands as one big open space.

The ground floor is over 6,500 square feet, currently unfinished.

A red brick house also stands on the estate.

The Hässleholm Municipality has given permission to divide this plant into several residential units and this place has it all to a luxury vacation destination.

Interested? This amazing property is on sale!

Waterfall Factory 01 750x446 Waterfall Factory Conversion in Sweden
Waterfall Factory 02 750x508 Waterfall Factory Conversion in Sweden


Photos courtesy of WaterfallFactory

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