What Kind of House Does $12 Million Buy in Bel Air?

By • Aug 29, 2011 •  Selected Work 

This 9,236 square foot single-family home is located at 1518 Bel Air Road, in the hills of the Westside of the city of Los Angeles, California.

Developed by Dream Project LA (DPLA), the house features six beds and ten baths, a three car garage and an infinity edge pool with breathtaking mountain top views!

Offered at $14 million, the house eventually sold for $12 million.

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2 Comments to What Kind of House Does $12 Million Buy in Bel Air?

  1. RonH Architect says:

    I’m sorry but it absolutely boggles my mind when so much money can be thrown into a project with such poor results.
    This is like looking at the assemblage of Architectural Digest contemporary house clippings where someone liked this or that trick and thought they should try putting them all together. The spaces are super sized but there is little to no intimacy unless they were hosting a party for 100 people. I believe it was Charles Moore (the great residential designer) or one of his contemporaries who stated that the trick in designing 10,000 sq ft houses is to make each of the spaces feel intimate and personal. It’s definitely a tough task and this house fails miserably as these spaces are COLD…..BURGGHHH. The outside of the building looks like a contemporary 80’s LA stucco box (and not a good one at that) blown up to 3-4 times what it should have been. Sure the pool is groovy, some of the walls open up and I could go on and on with little over used tricks but I’m sorry…..it’s like the Gigolo House………..tasteless!!!! Whoever has this much money to purchase such insensitivity needs to enroll in Design 101. Whoever designed it (Gala….is that trying to be like Gaga?) needs to enroll in Design 201. What’s even more mind boggling is that this made it to TV as though this is something we should all envy……..NOT!!!

  2. jTr says:

    Yuck. More money than taste, or sense.

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