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Office Greenhouse by OpenAD

By • Sep 21, 2012


OpenAD created this contemporary office in 2012 for a company located in Riga, Latvia.

The space features an open plan and an indoor forest of trees and potted plants.

office greenhouse 01 800x533 Office Greenhouse by OpenAD

office greenhouse 02 800x708 Office Greenhouse by OpenAD


Office Greenhouse by OpenAD:

“The keyword of the design for Office Greenhouse is greenery.

The principal wish of the client was plenty of herbage.

The specifics of work in this office gave a possibility to make open-space office, planning special cabinets only for small groups of employees.

In the open-space area we designed a multifunctional piece of furniture in which is integrated working places, rest area (sofa), dining zone and big sized trees.

The kitchen is made of 6mm thin metal sheet, integrating a metal sink and pull-out rubbish bin. The rest of kitchen wall is greened by flowerpots which are put on warehouse wall- shelves, straightened on rails.

Wall construction is left visible from the side of the open-space room, using plasterboard plates only from cabinet side, so  we can see construction profiles from the open-space.

The walls are painted white and in some planes the brick is left in its natural look.

In the cabinets, walls which have windows facing the open-space room feature Timorous Beasties wallpaper, London Toile, which is common to the ‘green’ concept and in which are portrayed witty scenes from London.”

floor plan

Photos by: Maris Lagzdins

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