Mirage Hotel by Studio Marco Piva

By • Oct 1, 2012

Located in the port city of Kazan, Russia, this contemporary, luxury hotel by Studio Marco Piva features multiple restaurants, a nightclub, a conference center and several other amenities aimed at a fast-paced business crowd.

Mirage Hotel by Studio Marco Piva:

“Mirage Hotel, a luxury 5-star hotel with a business orientation.

Its original schematic architecture – developed by a Yugoslavian engineering company – has been revised and expanded by Studio Marco Piva, which is also responsible for all the hotel’s interiors.

The hotel, featuring 109 rooms, basically consists of two blocks linked by a plinth, developed on two floors, containing public areas.

In this project the fundamental concept is the offspring of the idea of “mirage” and “illusion”. Each area then features a key theme, a specific concept, on which the design idea is based.”

floor plan
floor plan

Photos courtesy of Studio Marco Piva

Mirage Hotel by Studio Marco Piva was published on HomeDSGN on Oct 1, 2012.

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