Courtyard House by Hiren Patel Architects

By • Oct 31, 2012 •  Selected Work 

Hiren Patel Architects created this contemporary home for a family in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

An extensive use of glass helps to incorporate the interior of the home with its lush exterior environment.

Courtyard House by Hiren Patel Architects:

“We visualized this house as a perfect blend of architecture and landscape design.

Extended views from a lily pond located next to the heart of the house and a lush green garden comprising plenty of different plants are a speculative experience from the inside.

A functionally well organized interior layout and smartly placed furniture bring the feeling of retreat and relaxation- completing the prior visualization of the house.”

Photos Courtesy of  Hiren Patel Architects

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One Comment to Courtyard House by Hiren Patel Architects

  1. RJ says:

    There are significant similarities of this architect’s designs to the great Frank Lloyd Wright. Beautiful with minimalist qualities.

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