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Bookworm by Atelier 010

By • Dec 6, 2012 •  Selected Work 


Rotterdam-based studio Atelier 010 designed a sculptural bookcase ideal for lounging, the Bookworm.

Bookworm by Atelier 010 01 800x600 Bookworm by Atelier 010

Bookworm by Atelier 010 02 800x600 Bookworm by Atelier 010

Bookworm by Atelier 010:

“Bookworm is the sculptural answer to a commission to design and produce an organic bookcase. Due to the curved shape, the case also offers a place to sit and relax.

The self-supporting shape consists of three parts, which are assembled on site and kept upright by a stainless steel foot in the sidewall. Bending thin layers of MDF and plywood across custom-made molds creates the curved shape. The outsides of the walls are spray-painted in colour, whilst the insides are fresh in white. A light bulb dangling from the top of the worm gives light to the reader’s eyes.”

Photos by: Caren Huygelen

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