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Glass Houses by Santambrogio Milano

By • Jan 7, 2013 •  Selected Work 


These concept Glass Houses, by Santambrogio Milano, are located in Milan, Italy.

The barriers usually created by floors, ceilings, and walls in a home are nonexistent here, and every nook and cranny of the house is visible from everywhere else.

Glass Houses 01 800x566 Glass Houses by Santambrogio Milano

Glass Houses 02 800x583 Glass Houses by Santambrogio Milano

Glass Houses by Santambrogio Milano:

“The woodland house rests on land with the scent of sun and rain. It erects the development of its transparencies till it looks onto the tops of the branches of ancient trees.

The house on the sea lives the landscape. It bears witness to the succession of natural phenomena, responsive to their contrasts, reflecting and integrating into its transparencies the anger and peace of the elements.”

Renderings courtesy of Santambrogio Milano

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One Comment to Glass Houses by Santambrogio Milano

  1. gery says:

    great inspiration… :) just screenless, secretless, bathless, speechless… but crazy enough ;)

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