Edition Richmond Presentation Center by Cecconi Simone Inc.

By • Feb 23, 2013

The Edition Richmond Presentation Center, located in Toronto, Canada, was created in 2012 to inform visitors about “Edition Richmond,” a nearby townhome community.

Designed by Cecconi Simone Inc., the space, every inch of which covered by a layer of white paint, mixes the functionality of the structure as an information center with the feel of an art gallery.

Edition Richmond Presentation Center by Cecconi Simone Inc.:

“The unassuming garage of the defunct “Toronto Transmission & Gear Company” furnished a serendipitous opportunity to create a sales centre with unique resonance. Its adaptable, open plan allowed for a novel progression, away from typical sales-centre sequencing, with expansive gallery first and contained model suite second.

The garage-turned-gallery has been maintained in its original, raw state though repaired and whitewashed. White floors, walls and ceiling lend an ethereal quality to the transformed space, signifying a transition from the mundane to the extraordinary.

The adjacent model suite, polished and tucked away, features sleek finishes and jewel-like accents joining a fluid live-cook-dine area, dressing area and bath area. Carefully-edited furnishings underscore the notion of living space as unobtrusive container, a volume for layering in personal effects and mementos over time.”

Photos Joy von Tiedemann

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