Skyhouse by David Hotson Architect

By • Mar 25, 2013 •  Selected Work 

The unique four level penthouse apartment is situated atop of one of New York City’s earliest steel skyscrapers built in 1896.

It was completely re-designed by NYC-based studio David Hotson Architect, in collaboration with interior design studio Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design.

The penthouse features an amazing polished steel slide that spans from the attic to the entrance floor!

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2 Comments to Skyhouse by David Hotson Architect

  1. Tashheer says:

    Awesome I can’t believe

  2. Mike desai says:

    This is the real contemporary interior design I have ever come a cross. May be this can be a great idea to put in to top floors of the UCSD or UCSB or UCLA dormitory high rises. The Blue Planet need innovative habitable space with Wi Fi in every object touch n talk . Thanks n great luck.

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