Leobo Private Reserve

By • Dec 17, 2013 •  Selected Work 

Leobo Private Reserve is a magical luxury villa located in Limpopo Province, the northernmost province of South Africa.

The property can accommodate up to 26 guests, and 12,000 acres of wilderness are available to visitors.

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One Comment to Leobo Private Reserve

  1. Donna Armani Pineda says:

    Africa has always been a place of my dreams to visit one day. And now, I do not know how I would ever really see Africa without having an opportunity to visit this magnificent Reserve! It does “take your breath away”.
    God has blessed Leobo Private Reserve and all the blessed people fortunate enough to be a part of this
    heavenly part of the world.
    The architects integrity to the natural surroundings is outstanding. Everything blends compliments the natural materials, yet clean and sophisticated.
    Wow, I am overwhelmed, as you can tell from my difficulty in finding the words to express myself.
    Thank you!

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