Stealth Cabin by superkül

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Stealth Cabin is a residential project completed by superkül.

It is located in Ontario, Canada, and was completed in 2011.

Stealth Cabin by superkül:

“Sited on a lake near Bracebridge, this small-footprint family cottage was designed to integrate with its natural surroundings and minimize its environmental impact. The clients were torn between wanting a traditional log cabin and something more modern. The creation of a sculptural wood form bridged this gap, simultaneously imbuing the project with an aesthetic warmth, in a cost-effective manner that capitalized on the strength of the local carpentry trades. The sculptural reading of the form relies to a great degree on its material continuity.

Cedar was used throughout to achieve this – on the interior walls and ceilings, on the roof, and as exterior cladding. The tonal and textural differences of the shakes and siding create a visual depth and interest. Large wood-frame windows and doors overlook the lake to the south, and provide access to a long cedar deck. As the untreated cedar boards and shakes weather and bleach out over time, the cottage will blend further into its landscape.

The name of the cottage – ‘Stealth Cabin’ – refers to this material and formal blending.”

Photos courtesy of superkül

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