Wiklandsbacke by sandellsandberg arkitekter AB

By • Jan 11, 2014

Swedish architectural firm sandellsandberg arkitekter AB has designed the Wiklandsbacke.

Completed in 2013, this project consists of 12 contemporary homes in Kivik, Sweden.

Each home features a traditional 45 degree roof angle, and is divided into several different volumes.

Wiklandsbacke by sandellsandberg arkitekter AB:

“In the costal village of Kivik we where commissioned to design 12 houses. The building permission was strict and only allowed a roof angle of 45 degrees. To create a interesting spacial experience we divided the houses in different units, the high ceiling makes the interior rather unique although its traditional shape.”

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One Comment to Wiklandsbacke by sandellsandberg arkitekter AB

  1. Sridhar says:

    Considering the plots are water front, the design ought to have been more interesting. The sober design is perhaps due it’s surroundings. OK.

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