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Can an armchair represent more than a simple seat? Absolutely. Contemporary armchairs break away from tradition and in some cases, can be classified as sculptural.

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Contemporary armchairs

Contemporary armchairs

Contemporary, in terms of furniture, defines the lack of ornamentation where the lines seem endless and smooth. Contemporary armchairs stand out from their traditional counterparts due to their minimalist aura where the forms are smooth and rounded off and monochromatic colors seem to be the befitting choice. Who needs ornamentation when one applies one of the most important rules in design, “Less is more,” to quote Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, the founder of modern architecture and design.

Contemporary bookcases

Contemporary bookcases

Bookcases or bookshelves were traditionally made of oak, renowned for its sturdiness, however solid wood bookcases can install a certain heaviness in today’s living room which aims towards lightening up the space. Contemporary bookcases come in various lightweight materials, such as medium-density wood fiberboards, and can be lacquered in a wide range of colors. The form stays limited to the function of a bookcase, however modularity takes charge of the design factor, and the bookcase can turn into multiple wall-hung elements that mimic a Mondrian composition. One has got to love geometry in art.

design floor lamps

Design floor lamps

One often accessorizes their living room with a floor lamp that compliments the seating configuration. Design floor lamps add that little something special to your space by bringing color, form and fun. They can often be categorized as eccentric. Why design? Because these lamps have spawned from the imagination of the greatest designers of our days. This adds to the value of the lamp because we tend to consider them as artwork that bring light to our living rooms.
Who ever said art needs to be hung on walls?

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