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Door Shopping! : Top questions to consider when buying new doors

By • Sep 28, 2016 •  Advertorial 


Summer is an ideal time to consider transforming your home with brand new doors.

Whether you think your home needs updating, or even if you’re taking on a huge renovation project, fitting new stylish doors can give your home a completely different look.


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2017 Interior Design Trends Coming Your Way

By • Sep 26, 2016 •  Advertorial 


I used to work in the home furnishing industry, so every fall I keep an eye on the latest interior design trends that are featured at the High Point Market in North Carolina.

I love the High Point blog and featured trends in Pinterest. It’s a great place to inspire me to add unique touches to refresh my home with new colors and textures.


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3 Things It’s Worthwhile Investing In When Decorating Your Dream Home

By • Jun 20, 2016 •  Advertorial 


When you’re living in provisional housing, such as during your student days, it makes sense to save money on furniture by purchasing cheap pieces from Ikea or using hand-me-downs.

But if you’ve recently purchased the home of your dreams or are giving your long-time abode a makeover, you want quality furniture and fittings that can stand the test of time, and which will give you and your family decades of enjoyment.


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DuPont™ Debuts New Colors for Corian® and Zodiaq®

By • Jun 13, 2016 •  Advertorial 

Zodiaq_Concrete Carrara_Kitchen OA

This guest post is by Kate Hood.

DuPont’s new Corian® and Zodiaq® color palettes of are a fresh fusion of modern sensibility and timeless style.

These 16 colors and patterns create exciting possibilities for any aesthetic, whether that means complimenting a room’s design or serving as the focal point.


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How to Choose the Right Bed Sheets for your Dream Bedroom?

By • Mar 5, 2016 •  Advertorial 


Bed sheets are not that difficult aspect of any room. In fact, I believe they are the easiest design element to play with in the room.

However, the unfortunate reality is, most people don’t get it right. I have witnessed some of the gorgeous rooms ruined because of wrong selection of sheet sets.


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The Modern Kitchen Redefined with Glass

By • Oct 1, 2015 •  Advertorial 


One of the most trending materials used in today’s modern kitchen is glass and CBD Glass is the pioneer in decorative and architectural glass work.

CBD creates an almost endless array of different glass materials and they have even begun to design full kitchen and bathroom spaces for their exclusive clients.


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Setai Condos: Miami’s Finest Nestled in Paradise

By • Jul 22, 2015 •  Advertorial 

Setai Condos in Miami (3)

Asian-inspired opulence awaits you at the Setai Condos in Miami, Florida, USA.

A delicious feast for the eyes, ears and soul, Setai offers its residents world-class sights, sounds and tastes situated in the trendiest spot in the city – in the heart of the vibrant art deco district.


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How Glass Is Revolutionizing Kitchen Countertops

By • Sep 2, 2014 •  Advertorial 

How Glass Is Revolutionizing Kitchen Countertops (8)

Glass countertops are breaking the mold of standard building materials and are revolutionizing the way people view their kitchens.

Not only are glass countertops aesthetically stunning, but are also notorious for their strength and durability.


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Kitchen Design Tips for Small Spaces

By • Oct 28, 2013 •  Advertorial 

Kitchen Design Tips for Small Spaces (5)

This guest post is by Kathryn Ward.

Where kitchen space is minimal, performance is key.

Don’t despair if your kitchen feels too small to accommodate a cat, let alone swing one – because with a dash of clever planning and a sprinkling of creativity, you can think yourself out of that box, creating a space that is both functional and stylish.


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Why Dark Kitchen Designs Are So Popular

By • Jun 21, 2013 •  Advertorial 


This guest post is by Adam Stevens of The Poles Company.

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home.

One of the most important rooms, you want to feel comfortable and happy in it, as you could be spending hours in here cooking, talking and living.


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