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ADE Architecture Extensively Refurbishes a Home in London, England

By • Feb 20, 2017

House Four by ADE Architecture (4)

When many people think of modern housing, their minds often go to brand new buildings that have only just been constructed. On the contrary, however, some of our favourite contemporary homes have actually already been standing for generations and have simply been recently refurbished. We’re huge fans of any design and decor scheme that makes an otherwise outdated building into something modern but comfortable. That’s exactly the story with House Four!


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GRUPOURBAN Arq. Designs a Contemporary Home in Sendero del Bosque, Argentina

By • Nov 2, 2016

The Forest by GRUPOURBAN Arq. (11)

The Forest is a residential project completed by GRUPOURBAN Arq.

The home is located in Sendero del Bosque, Villa Allende, Córdoba, Argentina.


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React Architects Design a Holiday Home on Mykonos, Greece

By • Oct 25, 2016

Elia by React Architects (1)

Elia is a holiday home located on Mykonos, Greece.

It was designed by React Architects.


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McKimm Design an Exquisite Contemporary Home in Wolseley, Australia

By • Oct 6, 2016

#328 by McKimm (4)

#328 is a private home located in Wolseley, Australia.

It was designed by McKimm.


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Allen Jack+Cottier Turn an Old Warehouse Into a Quirky Private Residence

By • Aug 14, 2016

Inner City Warehouse by Allen Jack+Cottier (1)

Inner City Warehouse is a project completed by Allen Jack+Cottier.

It is located in Sydney, Australia.


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A Stunning Luxury Residence For Sale in Los Angeles, California

By • Aug 8, 2016

Luxury Residence in LA (21)

Luxury Residence in LA is a private home located in Los Angeles, California, USA.

The home covers an area of 7,500 square feet and has 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.


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Studio Agnello & Associati Design a Private Residence in Rome, Italy

By • Jul 30, 2016

Casa al Centro di Roma by Studio Agnello & Associati (11)

Casa al Centro di Roma is a residential project completed by the Palermo-based firm Studio Agnello & Associati.

The home is located in Rome, Italy.


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A Luxurious Contemporary Home Goes For Sale in Bel Air

By • May 10, 2016

A Contemporary Home in Bel Air by Paul McClean (48)

This stunning contemporary home is located in Bel Air, California, USA.

The 7-bedroom, 12-bathroom home was designed by Paul McClean of McClean Design.


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Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Create a Contemporary Two-Storey Home in Portland

By • Apr 25, 2016

Sandhill Crane by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design (3)

Sandhill Crane is a private residence designed by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design.

It is located in Portland, Oregon, USA.


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RDM General Contractors Design a Contemporary House in California

By • Apr 12, 2016

Contemporary House by RDM General Contractors (4)

Contemporary House is a private residence located in California, USA.

It was designed by RDM General Contractors.


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