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Exposed Ceiling Beams

MIDE architetti Renovate a Nineteenth Century Home in Lucca

By • Feb 12, 2016

Country House by MIDE architetti (7)

Country House is a renovation project completed by MIDE architetti in 2015.

The home is located in Lucca, Italy.


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A Chic Parisian Home Designed by Sarah Lavoine

By • Feb 10, 2016

Duplex Parisien by Sarah Lavoine (1)

Duplex Parisien is a project completed by Sarah Lavoine in 2014.

The stylish home is located in Paris, France.


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A Custom Renovation in Flinders by Canny Architecture

By • Feb 9, 2016

Musk Creek Flinders by Canny Architecture (9)

Musk Creek Flinders is a residential project designed by Canny Architecture.

It is located in Flinders, Australia.


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Loft Szczecin Turn a Forge Into a Contemporary Home

By • Feb 8, 2016

Adaptation of a Forge by Loft Szczecin (2)

Adaptation of a Forge is a project completed by Loft Szczecin in 2014.

The home is located in Szczecin, Poland.


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Renovation of a Triplex in Montreal Carried Out by Anne Sophie Goneau

By • Feb 7, 2016

Espace Panet by Anne Sophie Goneau (5)

Espace Panet is a private home designed by Anne Sophie Goneau.

The home is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


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De Rosee Sa Architects Design a Woodland Cabin in Belgium

By • Feb 6, 2016

Woodland Cabin by De Rosee Sa Architects (7)

Woodland Cabin is a private residence designed by De Rosee Sa Architects.

It is located in Nouvelles, Mons, Belgium.


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Luigi Rosselli Architects Design a Contemporary Home For A Young Family in Sydney

By • Feb 5, 2016

Balancing Home by Luigi Rosselli Architects (7)

Balancing Home is a private residence located in Sydney, Australia.

The contemporary home was designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects in 2015.


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FINNE Architects Design a Contemporary Waterfront Home in Seattle

By • Feb 4, 2016

Elliot Bay House by FINNE Architects (7)

Elliot Bay House is a private residence located in Seattle, Washington, USA.

It was designed by FINNE Architects in 2015.


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Standard Studio Designs a Stylish Loft in Amsterdam

By • Feb 2, 2016

The Bloemgracht Loft by Standard Studio (1)

The Bloemgracht Loft is a residential project designed by Standard Studio in 2015.

It is located in Bloemgracht, Amsterdam.


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Juma Architects Renovate an Old Farm and Create a Stunning New Space

By • Feb 1, 2016

Project B by Juma Architects (6)

Project B is a private home located in Belgium.

Originally an old farm, it was renovated by Juma Architects in 2015.


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