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Vincent Coste Architecte Designs a Stunning Villa in Saint-Tropez

By • Nov 29, 2016

Maison L2 by Vincent Coste Architecte (11)

Maison L2 is a private home located in Saint-Tropez, France.

It was designed in 2016 by Vincent Coste Architecte.


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T3 Architecture Completes a Remodeling of a Duplex in Marseille

By • Oct 31, 2016

Duplex in Marseille by T3 Architecture (2)

Duplex in Marseille is a residential project completed by T3 Architecture in 2016.

The 1,076-square-foot home is located in Marseille, France.


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A Private Home in France Goes Up For Sale

By • Oct 21, 2016

Private Home in France (5)

This residential project designed in 2016 is situated in France.

This historically charming equestrian property was renovated in a contemporary style.


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2A Design Creates a Modern House in Orgères, France

By • Oct 15, 2016

Flying Box Villa by 2A Design (3)

Flying Box Villa is a private home created by 2A Design.

Completed in 2015, it is located in Orgères, France.


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Alexandra Tamburini Designs a Contemporary Apartment in Lyon, France

By • Oct 9, 2016

Apartment in Lyon by Alexandra Tamburini (1)

Apartment in Lyon is a private home designed by Alexandra Tamburini.

It is located in Lyon, France.


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An Apartment in the Historical Center of Bordeaux, France

By • Sep 25, 2016

A Big LITTLE nest by L'atelier miel (2)

A Big LITTLE Nest is a residential project designed by Mickaël Martins Afonso & L’atelier miel in 2014.

It is located in Bordeaux, France.


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ARTELABO Designs a Quiet Home Overlooking the Hérault Valley in France

By • Aug 26, 2016

Villa Tranquille by ARTELABO (13)

Villa Tranquille is a private residence designed by ARTELABO.

Completed in 2015, it is located in Gignac, France.


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Prisca Pellerin Architecture & Intérieur Renovates a 2-Bedroom Attic in Ivry-sur-Seine, France

By • Aug 21, 2016

Living Under the Roof by Prisca Pellerin Architecture (3)

Living Under the Roof is a project completed by Prisca Pellerin Architecture & Intérieur in 2013.

The home is located in Ivry-sur-Seine, France.


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A Home in Paris for a Young Franco-Swiss Couple with Two Children

By • Jul 22, 2016

Lauriston by Camille Hermand Architectures (1)

Lauriston is a residential project designed by Camille Hermand Architectures in 2016.

It is located in Paris, France.


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An 800-Square-Foot Home in Paris, France

By • Jul 21, 2016

Hokka by SEPTEMBRE Architecture & Urbanisme (4)

Hokka is a private residence renovated by SEPTEMBRE Architecture & Urbanisme.

It is located in Paris, France and was completed in 2013.


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