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Roof Garden

Johnsen Schmaling Architects Design a Home Enclosed by Nature in Door County, Wisconsin

By • Jun 8, 2016

Pleated House by Johnsen Schmaling Architects (10)

Pleated House is a private residence designed by Johnsen Schmaling Architects.

It is located in Door County, Wisconsin, USA and covers an area of 1,855 square feet.


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Tsao & McKown Architects Design a Green Home in Singapore

By • May 14, 2016

Astrid Hill House by Tsao & McKown Architects (1)

Astrid Hill House is a private home designed by Tsao & McKown Architects.

It is located in Singapore, and was completed in 2015.


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Esquadra|Yi Design a Simple, Spacious Contemporary Home in Brasilia, Brazil

By • Mar 25, 2016

Casa R&D by Esquadra|Yi (9)

Casa R&D is a residential project completed by Esquadra|Yi in 2014.

The home is located in Brasilia, Brazil.


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Charles Rose Architects Design a Farm House on Martha’s Vineyard

By • Mar 23, 2016

Vineyard Farm House by Charles Rose Architects (23)

Vineyard Farm House is a private residence located on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA.

It was designed by Charles Rose Architects.


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Atelier Stepan Designs a Contemporary Home in Brno, Czech Republic

By • Feb 25, 2016

Bamboo House by Atelier Stepan (7)

Bamboo House is a home located in Brno, Czech Republic.

It was designed by Atelier Stepan in 2009.


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A Home With a Roof Garden in Bavaria

By • Feb 3, 2016

House V3 by F64Architekten (8)

House V3 is a residential project designed by F64 Architekten in 2013.

It is located in Bavaria, Germany.


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Chevallier Architectes Design a Cozy Chalet in Les Houches

By • Jan 19, 2016

Solelyâ by Chevallier Architectes (25)

Solelyâ is a cozy chalet designed by Chevallier Architectes in 2014.

It is located in Coupeau, Les Houches, France.


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A Prototype House with Minimal Ecological Footprint

By • Dec 27, 2015

House Prototype by Luis Roldan Velasco (5)

House Prototype is a private residence designed jointly by Luis Roldan Velasco & Ángel Hevia Antuña.

The 538-square-foot home is located in Sangolqui, Ecuador.


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Garden House by Cincopatasalgato

By • Sep 15, 2015

Garden House by Cincopatasalgato (19)

Garden House is a private residence designed by Cincopatasalgato.

Completed in 2015, the home is located in El Salvador.


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Deolali House by SPASM Design Architects

By • Jul 18, 2015

Deolali House by SPASM Design Architects (11)

Deolali House is a private residence located in Deolali, India.

It was designed by SPASM Design Architects in 2014 with a spacious and airy interior.


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