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OOA | Office O Architects Design a Contemporary Villa in Oostduinkerke, Belgium

By • Jan 14, 2017

Villa CD by OOA | Office O architects (12)

Have you always loved the thought of living in a beach villa, but your personal tastes and styles are actually quite different than the more whimsical seaside designs you usually encounter in beach living options? Then we think you’ll take more inspiration than usual from this ultra modern home in Oostduinkerke, Belgium!


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Sebastián Irarrázaval Designs a Cozy Woodland Home in Chile

By • Jan 13, 2017

2Y House by Sebastián Irarrázaval (19)

When we think of large lakeside homes, our minds automatically picture a few things. We imagine either small, cozy cottages where nature is the experience rather than the decor, or sprawling woodland lodges that make a distinct but beautiful claim on the countryside. 2Y House in Colico, Chile, however, puts a new spin on hillside lake homes that’s breathtakingly unique and actually quite environmentally friendly. The final effect is nothing short of gorgeous.


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Mallinson Ltd and BEaM Studio Come Together to Create a Treehouse in the Forests of West Dorset, England

By • Jan 12, 2017

The Woodman's Treehouse by Mallinson Ltd & BEaM studio (1)

Have you always dreamed, since you were just a little kid, of living in a tree house like Robinson Crusoe? We have too! We spent countless days wishing we had a massive tree house in our backyard so we could run around high up in the trees, enjoying the view from above and breathing in the fresh air. Well, some little kids grow up to be designers, and some designers aim to make their childhood dreams come true. That’s exactly what happened in 2016 when Mallinson Ltd and BEaM studio designed and built The Woodman’s Treehouse in West Dorset, England.


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Knock Architecture and Design Creates a Home in the Trestle Glen Neighborhood of Oakland, California

By • Jan 11, 2017

Oakland Residence by Knock Architecture and Design (3)

Oakland Residence is a private residence renovated by Knock Architecture and Design.

It is located in Oakland, California, USA and was completed in 2013.


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Desai Chia Architecture Remodels a Cottage in Water Mill, New York

By • Jan 8, 2017

Watermill House by Desai Chia Architecture (4)

We’ve always loved the unique aesthetic that architects establish when they build a home that differs greatly in style from the other buildings around it, or from what you’d expect to see in a particular area or neighbourhood. For example, there are few things quite as cute as a home built with traditional style and decor to make it look like an old fashioned structure nestled among contemporary buildings on a modern street. The appeal goes the other way as well, though!


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Edgley Design Creates a Contemporary Home by a 100-Year-Old Pear Tree in London, England

By • Jan 6, 2017

Pear Tree House by Edgley Design (3)

Have you ever noticed that England has some of the very best names for their homes? Rather than having a street number, some older or historical homes have titles that describe the home, the area, or what the style of the building was when it was first built. This is a long lasting tradition all over the country and Pear Tree House, a private home in London, England, is no exception.


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Architecture Architecture Renovates a Home in Australia

By • Jan 5, 2017

The kite by Architecture Architecture (5)

Few things are as beautiful as an open concept home. That is, perhaps, except for an open concept home with so much architectural personality that it actually compels the owners to give it a beautiful name to match its whimsical appearance. If you’re curious about the kind of home we’re talking about, then just check out The Kite! More…

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Wallflower Architecture + Design Creates a Vast Contemporary Home in Bukit Timah, Singapore

By • Jan 3, 2017

Secret Garden House by Wallflower Architecture + Design (31)

Secret Garden House is a residential project designed by Wallflower Architecture + Design in 2015.

It is located in Bukit Timah, Singapore.


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A Contemporary Attic Apartment in the Neustadt District of Strasbourg, France

By • Jan 1, 2017

The Attic by f+f architectes (1)

The Attic is a private residence renovated by f+f architectes.

It is located in Strasbourg, France and was completed in 2015.


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Cozy Woodland Cabin Retreat In Ontario

By • Dec 31, 2016

Go Home Bay Cabin by Ian MacDonald (10)

Go Home Bay Cabin is a residential project designed by Ian MacDonald.

It is located in Ontario, Canada.


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