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A 19th Century Old Barn Designed by Charles Picte

By • Jun 20, 2017

This building, dating from the 19th century, was an old barn that needed to be repaired and re-built in order to give new life and brightness to the space. It is located in Landecy, Switzerland, and was left in the charge of architect Charles Picte.

With the goal of making the interior a charming space, and at the same time, keeping the charm and character of the building alive, Charles set to work right away.

Its exterior breathes its years of history, for this is a building full of charm, set smack in the middle of spectacular surroundings.

The old structure seen from afar
The old structure seen from afar
Side view of the building
View of the landscape from the interior

For this, he painted the spaces white, which, combined with the beautiful rustic wood of the floors and the exposed ceiling beams that traverse the rooms, created a fantastic effect.

Rugs in bright colors were placed upon the floors, giving the décor of the rooms a vibrant touch.

The scarce furnishings, done in wood, give the décor an antique touch, in so doing keeping the authentic identity of the home and helping preserve the building’s history.

Rough and rustic walls accentuate even more the aged look of the building, and keep the charm’s flame alive, something pivotal in this sort of remodeling where preserving all the old details helps keep the magic of the past abound.

Entrance with glass doors
Living room/dining room in aged wood with floors and exposed beams in wood
Living room/dining room in aged wood with floors and exposed beams in wood
Dining room with chimney
Stairs and ceiling with exposed beams
Bedroom with rustic and rough walls

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