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What this Modular System can do for this 20 Square Meter Apartment

When it comes to space, today there is a wide variety of modular furniture with practical and intelligent solutions that help us make the most of it.

View of the living room with direct access to the small terrace
Complete view of the modular system in its closed state

This furniture, designed by the architect Angel Rico, together with the architectural firm E3ARQUITECTOS, allows this family of three to live happily in just 20 square meters of space (about 215 square feet). Intelligent design solutions, like this one, are essential for any modern house or apartment that has small spaces.

Details of the modular system

A modular system allows this element of furniture to be opened and folded into different design solutions according to the needs of the client. Many of the client’s requests involved the ability to accommodate other people — yes, housing people in this small space was one of the high priorities.

Modular system with its open storage area
Open bathroom area

When the furniture acts as storage in its folded state, the living room can comfortably accommodate seven people. The storage unit becomes a screen that provides privacy when opened halfway, and the guest bed can extend down.

Fully unfolded kitchen area
Fully enclosed kitchen area

If it is opened further, the kitchen will be ready for use, leaving space for ten people to dine. And even if it seems unbelievable, up to five people can spend the night in this cozy abode.

Modular wall that serves to isolate the sleeping area
Closed modular bed
Open modular bed

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