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The MUS, a Contemporary Modular Sofa by Francesc Rifé

Spanish interior and industrial designer Francesc Rifé has designed in 2010 a contemporary modular sofa for KOO International.

Basically a set of cushions on a wooden platform, MUS comes with matching auxiliary furniture like side and coffee table.

MUS Sofa by KOO International:

“MUS is a modular sofa designed by Francesc Rifé for KOO International.

Of clear Nordic inspiration, at the heart of the project is the wooden platform supporting the cushions.

In symbolic terms, this pallet with a few sacks dropped on top is what gives the collection its identity.

Composed of various elements, including a chaise lounge and puffs, MUS can go with auxiliary furniture such as coffee tables, side tables or accessories such as magazine racks and garden boxes.

These elements add something of a human quality to the collection.

MUS can be used to divide spaces and is aimed at both contract and home use.”

Photos courtesy of KOO International

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