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Contemporary Renovation of the Mid Century Pasinetti Residence

By Eric Meunier


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The Pasinetti modernist residence, which takes its name from its first owner, Italian writer Pier Maria Pasinetti, was originally designed in 1958 by Romanian architect Haralamb Georgescu.

Located in the stars’ neighborhood of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, the residence (2,000 sq ft) was renovated in 2008 by architect Aaron Torrence.

As mentioned in the Los Angeles Times, “the design of the house, simple and utilitarian, is governed by its geometry: a series of perfect cubes.

The main space is a dramatic living room 20 feet wide, 20 feet long and 20 feet high.

Another 20-foot cube is set behind the living room and divided horizontally into two floors, with the home’s entry and an open loft work space upstairs and a dining area below.

A third cube intersects with the second and provides space for the master bedroom and bathroom upstairs and kitchen and guest quarters downstairs.

The carport and outdoor deck also are based on 20-foot cubes.”

Photos by: Marc Angeles

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