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25,000 Ping-Pong balls for a Tiny Pied-à-Terre by Snarkitecture

By • Jan 24, 2011

Box/Box is a pied-à-terre apartment for Snarkitecture partner Daniel Arsham.

Located in Brooklyn, New York, this 90 square foot private hideaway is contained within a larger collaborative workspace.

According to the architect, Box/Box was conceived as “an accelerated design/build experiment and was completed within a two-month period at a cost of less than $100 per square foot.

The selected site is an existing storage loft onto which the volume of the apartment sits like a gift balanced on a high shelf. Enclosed within this volume is a simple and economical program: a space for sleeping and dressing.

A ladder at ground level leads upwards through a hatch concealed in the floor, entering a treehouse-like residence consisting of only a closet and a bed.

A gradient of 25,000 spheres clad the walls, moving from dark to light as they meet the illuminated grid of the ceiling, made of translucent panels that reveal a hidden grid of spheres when backlit.

This luminous ceiling, the skylight and the facing mirrors on opposite walls brighten and expand the room to create an illusory space that appears more expansive than actual size.”

Photos courtesy of Snarkitecture
Source: FastCoDesign

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One Comment to 25,000 Ping-Pong balls for a Tiny Pied-à-Terre by Snarkitecture
  1. SM says:

    Have you ever seen a ping pong ball set on fire? Youtube/Try it.

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