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Modern Fold Place House in Ottawa by Linebox Studio

By Eric Meunier


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Located in Ottawa, Canada, this new modern infill was completed by Canadian architect firm Linebox Studio.

The Residence (2,400 sq ft) fits both the dimensions of its irregular and narrow 20 feet by 60 feet lot, and the owners’ pattern of working and living.

According to the architect, “anything but generic, this home is a unique resolution between the modern design sensitivities and habits of clients Beata and Greg Campbell – who “choose the location because [they] like to walk to work, and walk to get groceries.”

The challenge of “Fold Place” was, “to design a house with light, privacy, and enough square footage.”  As implied by its name, the spaces within “Fold-Place” flow into each other, while bending and overlapping to create definition and visual interest.  The spaces are simple yet exude warmth, as clean forms and minimalist detailing highlight views, natural materials, and favourite pieces of art.

Connected by similar design elements – including the light-coloured walls, dark flooring, light fixtures, and the repeated use of charcoal-coloured porcelain tiles on floors and bathroom walls – the rooms have a casual relationship, distinguished more by use, than by opaque barriers.  Translucent screens, frosted or narrow windows, shoulder-high walls, and a cedar-slat fence around the backyard, permit physical and visual connections and the infiltration of light, without the discomfort of feeling exposed.

The central staircase – treads of dark wood, that seem to float within a vertical shaft of diffused natural light – joins these spaces, and allows traffic and fresh air to travel from the interior garden at the entry, to the rooftop garden overlooking Lansdowne Park and the Aberdeen Pavilion.”

Photos by: Erin Borg

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