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Xiao-Yen’s House Transformation by Craig Steely

By • Feb 15, 2011 •  Selected Work 

The Xian-Yen’s House is located in San Francisco, California.

This 3,500 sq ft two-unit residence was heavily remodeled in 2010 by Craig Steely Architecture.

According to Craig Steely, ” the extensive remodel of the house began by tearing away the substandard remodeling that had taken place over the past 100 years and replacing it with spaces more appropriate to the client’s program.

Before / After.

These included a more open plan for work and living, a sod roof, and a glass penthouse with the roof supported by a steel exoskeleton.

The steel exoskeleton is part of a seismic upgrade that doesn’t tear the existing building apart. It also supports decks on 2 floors and a pack a bi-facial solar panels.”

Photos by: Bruce Damonte
Source: ArchDaily

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One Comment to Xiao-Yen’s House Transformation by Craig Steely
  1. Terry says:

    Touch of nominative determinism by Mr Steely!! (Perhaps he had assistance from Mr Woody the carpenter!!)
    But I do like this – it has really smartened up the former facade and it’s always encouraging to see more and more use of solar panelling.

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