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Miele Dream House in Shanghai by Kokai Studios

By Eric Meunier


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Last December, Miele has opened its 8,600 square foot Miele House in Shangai, China.

This exceptional location will serve as Miele showcase to the Shanghai and China market.

The historical city mansion now home to the Miele House was built by the legendary Chinese architect Robert Fan back in the Thirties.

Modernisation and interior design fell to the designers and architects Andrea Destefanis and Filippo Gabbiani from KoKai Studios, both specialized in renovating historical buildings in Shanghai.

The Miele House by Miele:

“In planning and fitting the building, which was formerly the property of an entrepreneur family, the leifmotif was ‘at home’.

A ‘living room’, for example, is devoted to bringing together lifestyle and healthy living. Here, steam ovens, refrigeration products and vacuum cleaners are on display.

In the ‘bedroom’, the focus is on laundry care in perfection. A laid-back lounge atmosphere is evoked in the ‘studio’, with its wine conditioning units and coffee makers devoted to pleasure.”

Photos by: Charlie Xia
Source: Arthitectural

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