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Luxury Acquavilla Residence on Lake Travis in Texas

By Eric Meunier


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Winn Wittman Architecture has renovated the Acquavilla Residence located on Lake Travis, near Austin in Texas.

This luxury home is a bit on the ostentatious side, but that’s the way both the client and the architect like it!

Luxury Acquavilla Residence in Texas by Winn Wittman Architecture:

“This mid 80’s lakeside wreck was extensively renovated to reflect the exuberant and whimsical personality of the owner. This project is not the home the architect would have designed from a blank canvas — a challenge in many respects. The house was in terrible shape, and previous renovations had gone awry– so client trust was initially lacking. By the end the client and architect had formed a strong level of trust.

A custom-designed and fabricated metal panel system was the solution for solar and aesthetic problems. A dappled fleur-de-lis pattern, which changes through out the day, is illuminated by color-changing LED’s. The “Acquavilla” pattern, this time etched in glass, is repeated in the custom entry screen. The garages were requested to be “showrooms”.

The renovation attempted to re-use what worked, insulate the structure with bio-foam, and mitigate the solar gain in an aesthetically pleasing way with the awnings, window films and custom panels. The new pool strives to bring the lake up to the home. The sliver leaf and fluffy fixtures of the great room seek to emulate the clouds and sailboats on the water beyond. The result is as light as a confection covered in whipped-cream.”

Photos courtesy Winn Wittman Architecture

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