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The Burning Tree Residence by David Jameson Architect

By Eric Meunier


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David Jameson Architect has sent us photos of the Burning Tree Residence.

Located in a neighborhood of traditional ranches and colonials just outside of the heart of Bethesda, Maryland, the Burning Tree Residence is a modernist 3,800 square foot house “sensitive to the undulating hills and heavily forested sites of its surrounding context.”

The Burning Tree Residence by David Jameson Architect:

“Having to work with the constraints of pre-engineered wood roof trusses and other stock material sizes, the approach to this spec-house was two-fold. First, to build a house within the limits of a material budget and the stock sizes available. Second, to be able to generate spaces within the house that generously embrace the site, and spaces which allow light and visual continuity to flow from one room to another.

The house is read as two simple gable roof volumes of stucco which sit on a foundation of stone. A third intermediary volume of mahogany mediates the size and mass of the two larger volumes while responding to the scale of the streetscape, and marks the axis of the entry into the house.

The front side of the house is selective in allowing visual access from the interior to the street, while at the rear views are maximized. In addition, the long gallery enclosed by glass sliding doors provides additional visual access to the backyard and the protective presence of the towering tree canopy above the site. At several instances, it is typical to experience a change in scale when proceeding from a one-story space to a full-height space such as from the Kitchen to the Family Room or the rear gallery to the space of the foyer and the stairs to the second floor.

The Burning Tree Residence is a home sensitive to the issue of sustainability. Critical decisions were made throughout the design process to ensure the house was constructed and endures in an environmentally responsible way. Elements such as recycled tires used for roofing, low VOC paint, and certified hardwood were all utilized to prolong the lifespan of the house while reducing impact to its surroundings.”

Photos by: Hoachlander Davis Photography

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