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Le Mas des Isords in Provence, France by Gerard Faivre

By Eric Meunier


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Forever on the look-out for the exceptional, the decorator, designer and French agent Gérard Faivre has completely restored Le Mas des Isords.

He has transformed the beautiful but neglected 18th-century mas into a seven bedroom, seven bathroom residence where his modern touch refrains from being excessive and which respects the architectural tradition of this truly incredible property.

The mas (typical Provençal farmhouse) boasts 6,460 square foot of living space ans is set on a 15-acre estate with beautiful landscaped gardens, lap-length swimming pool, tennis court and stables for horses.

Photos courtesy of Gerard Faivre

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  1. I rented this fabulous property in 2000 for an auspicious birthday and invited 50 friends to join me (weekly shifts)! It was amazing then and the owner, DD, was a wonderful and very talented person! All who attended think of it as ‘just yesterday’! My daughter surprised us in the 2 family weeks by getting married on the grounds of St. Sixtus just down the road and DD spit shined and polished his 1968(?) TR3 for the bride and groom’s transport! What beautiful memories!!

    What an elegant job you have done!


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