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Concrete House in Madrid by A-cero Architects

By • Apr 7, 2011

Spanish architectural firm A-cero has completed another contemporary concrete house.

This one is located in a fine modern neighborhood of Madrid, Spain.


Concrete House in Madrid by A-cero:

“The project is intended to respond to customer needs in terms of distribution, placement and surfaces. Housing is developed on 3 levels, willing to 3 different levels. It has sought the perfect functioning of housing in relation to the needs of the property to adapt to an average gradient field and turning the main rooms of the communal areas of the development, looking for a better use of the views and use of free plot surface.

Access to basement, can be done either from the main area of the house or from the garage directly. We can see two areas, the swimming pool, sports facilities, relax and movies, area of service work, ; be resolved by giving direct access from the garage and connecting it to the ground floor with a staircase landing in the dealer’s work area. In the central area and connected to the garage are the storage stands, without direct lighting and ventilation.

On the ground floor, the hall-dealer that provides access to housing, communicate two distinct areas by an imaginary axis running from east to west, one is the noble zone and the other is the area that complements the first one and gives way to the doorsteps through the main rooms as the bedroom, living room, dining room, office. On the opposite side of this imaginary line, we find the additional rooms, bathrooms, closets, pantry and kitchen. The sports facilities are completed on the outside with a paddle court, linked to housing from the main pedestrian access section of the house.

The pergolas from the porch are made using light weight, solid slabs and on the top of these by metal structure with steel.

The upper floor is visually connect with the lower floor by a double height in which you will find the bedrooms, reserved for distinguished guests, giving them more privacy, with respect to the 3 bedrooms belonging to the family and linked to a library-office and lounge.

The formal solution has been the result of an aesthetic look for categorical volume playing with their own heights and shapes and the surrounding environment.”

Photos courtesy of A-cero
Source: Contemporist

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