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Las Vegas Veer City Center Penthouse by Mark Tracy

By Eric Meunier


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Award-winning interior designer Mark Tracy of Chemical Spaces and Calle Henzel of Henzel Studio have teamed together to revamped the penthouse suite in the Las Vegas Veer City Center.

There have been many successful projects between Tracy and Henzel throughout the years.

Asa Henzel, CEO Henzel Art & Design Group, says; “Our pieces are designed for cosmopolitans who have a keen sense of freedom and follow their very own instincts.

The Henzel Studio’s mission is to add new dimensions to interiors with unique designs, open up new perspectives transcending the still often separated worlds of art and interior design.  This project is a great example of that.”

Las Vegas Veer City Center Penthouse by Mark Tracy

“Mark Tracy started the design of this project with the intent to use the finest materials on every surface to create a friendly, inviting, colorful, and extravagant design for a penthouse unit in the Veer tower of Las Vegas’ modern City Center development.

This penthouse‘s primary features include a 13’ tall by 13’ wide floor-wall-ceiling glass mosaic in an ocean blue color scheme with embedded images and bordered by a glass veneer tile. In the middle of the centerpiece mosaic hangs a chandelier encased in a blue glass cube.

A “Blue Louise” granite table floats off the kitchen island acting first as a bar elevation and then seamlessly dropping to a lower elevation where it serves as the units primary dining area.

The color palette of light greys blues and greens is accented by 120 linear feet of RGB LED lighting embedded around the perimeter of ceiling throughout the entire penthouse. Mark Tracy, the principal design consultant notes, “this is a very elegant unit which can easily transition into party mode with its custom lighting features.”

The master bedroom shows off a 13’ tall c-shaped bed of Italian porcelain tile complete with its own chandelier. Beside the bed hangs a custom chain curtain featuring Banksy’s signature tag which divides the bedroom from the master bath.

The living and main party area is crowned with a one-of-a-kind mirrored ceiling made of triangular shaped mirrors each separated by ceiling beams reflecting the lighting effects of the unit and the neon shining through the windows from the Las Vegas strip outside. The space also features a custom rug by HZL Henzel atop metallic white hardwood floors.

Design began from drawing before completion of the tower in February 2009. Construction began in June of 2010 and was completed in March 2011.”

Photos courtesy of Chemical Spaces
Source: Contemporist

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  1. This penthouse is so amazing! very “vegas”… I love the white hardwood floors. We have a contractor coming tomorrow to give an estimate and I am definitely going to ask him about this. Thanks for sharing such great ideas!


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