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Cantilevered House in Seattle by Replinger Hossner Architects

By Eric Meunier


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The EB1 Residence by Replinger Hossner Architects is located just Southwest of Seattle, in a simple neighborhood.

The steep sloped lot, not uncommon in this area, presented a challenge to the architects who responded with a modern, cantilevered design.

Offered at $895,000 in 2008, the 2,600 square foot property was sold in May 2009 for $780,000.

EB1 Residence by Replinger Hossner Architects:

“Steeply sloped lots are among the most common remaining undeveloped single family building sites available. While often alluring with potential drama and views, steep sloped environments are often geologically unstable and contain fragile eco-systems. They are generally difficult to access and their development is highly regulated.

Eb1 is designed as a specific response to this environment. The striking cantilevered design allows the entirety of its 2,000 square feet of living space to rest on two 16 foot long concrete piers set 16 feet apart and braced together with steel. The pier footings step with the grades and are in turn supported by three-inch diameter, pneumatically driven, steel pin pilings. This foundation system allows for development to occur with an absolute minimum ground disturbance and environmental footprint. Site impact was further mitigated by obtaining an access easement from above the site, avoiding grading through the steep slopes from the adjacent street below.

A theme of minimal simplicity is maintained throughout the design, from the massing concept of a cantilevered box, through the restrained material palette and detailing. Light and views are captured in interior spaces composed of planes of white plaster, ebonized wood flooring, glass and steel. The exterior of the box is defined by a single wall of glass to the view contrasting with the abstract compositions of openings on opposing wood clad walls.”

Dwell in a minimalist modernist new house designed by Replinger Hossner Architects. Uncompromising design, masterly attention to detail and total livability. Kitchen with Bosch and Bertazoni designed for entertaining. Floor to ceiling commercial quality windows with views of West Seattle Golf Course, Elliot Bay and the Seattle skyline. Custom VG Fir built in cabinetry. Dynamic steel, glass and ebonized oak stair system. State of the art systems and green without green washing.”

Photos by: Lara Swimmer

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