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Lego-Style Tiny Apartment in Barcelona by Barbara Appolloni

By • May 2, 2011 •  Selected Work 

Designed by Spanish architect Barbara Appolloni and located in Barcelona’s hip Born district, this tiny apartment is a former pigeon loft remodeled into a great bachelor pad.

The owner (a Barcelona-based photographer) says its design was inspired by the space-saving furniture aboard boats, as well as the clean lines of a small Japanese home.

Check out the video below!

Christian House by Barbara Appolloni:

“This 22 sqm space, which originally stored the water tanks of a narrow building in the center of Barcelona, has been transformed into a unique and functional attic.

The perimeter walls have been strengthened to support a new wrought structure, which allowed to convert the roof into a terrace with a privileged view over the city. A new staircase connects the cota intermedia of the terrace with IPE wood flooring, also used in the construction of a niche for the washing machine and to line the tub and the large sofa bed.

The interior is a versatile and functional space in which the walls and furniture allow for many different layouts and uses. The only visible elements are the shower, a rectangular laminated glass and the sink.

Most walls are covered with VIROC panels -a mixture of wood particles and Portland cement – supported by a hidden wooden structure. Some are also gateways to niche storage spaces or can be used as of furniture, i.e. the tables.

The false ceiling, the wall / cabinet on the right and the sofa bed are in pine plywood.

The wall /furniture creates a great variety of storage spaces, which range from the wardrobe, to the kitchen and the bathroom, of which the doors open through different movements.

The cabinet that contains the bed is divided into three removable parts, which are housed under a new slab of the balcony built above the original one and which also serve as a bench / sofa, storage space and staircase to access the exterior.”

Photos by: Lucia Carretero

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One Comment to Lego-Style Tiny Apartment in Barcelona by Barbara Appolloni
  1. Shir says:

    These interior designs are awesome. Inspite of small space interior but it still have a nice design.

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