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Casa Q by Longhi Architects

Lima-based practice Longhi Architects has completed the Casa Q Project in 2010.

The 4,350 square-foot contemporary beach house is located on Misterio beach, 72 miles (117 kilometers) South of Lima, Peru.

Casa Q by Longhi Architects:

“Floating in the desert:

Infinite rolling dunes from the desert to the East and rocky Pacific Ocean cliffs used by fishermen to the West converge on the site of Casa Q; creating a unique natural environment. Casa Q is the first residence built in one of the areas not yet occupied at the Beach Club Misterio located 117 kilometers south of Lima, Peru.

Challenging the stillness of the surroundings, Casa Q materializes the dreams of a young couple in a “floating volume” which embodies the spaces for a future family. The volume is supported by circular columns placed by intuition, as a dance, instead of forcibly in a grid. The dancing columns are accompanied by sliding glass panels that define the common area of the house; living-dining and terrace are integrated or separated by the option to open or close the glass panels depending on social and weather conditions.

The rest of the house – guest rooms, kitchen and services – are tastefully secluded at the back of the sloped site thus providing visual contrast with a volume of water in the front which has been unearthed for the enjoyment of swimming.

Each view in the house connects to the infinite of the horizon.”

Photos by: Juan Solano, CHOlon Photography

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