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House in Marupe by Open AD

Riga-based studio Open Architecture and Design has sent us photos of the House in Marupe project.

Completed in 2009, this 3,444 square-foot two story residence is located in Marupe, a sleepy suburb that is a 20-minute drive from Riga, Latvia.

House in Marupe by Open AD:

“The building was constructed around a growing body compositional center – inner gadren. It was conceived Stylistics Japanese tsubo garden form of the Japanese garden culture generally been integrated inside the house, as a
recreational area. Space around the garden was intended to be transparent, thereby fusing, at the same time separating the functions of acquiring and natural feeling to a room. During project implementation, unfortunately, the
customer refused to inner garden, adding indoor seating area.

Shape the direction of home was holding against the neighboring streets, parcel boundaries and corners. Building a vertical direction followed by the sun span, thus the second floor of the south side places deeper, resulting in direct sunlight. On the second floor bedroom has a spacious terrace with a planned green plants.

Building is finished with a blackish tree, creating a variety of boards in rhythm, but resulting in a seamless whole volume, where the main emphasis put on the form. Finishing a different highlight only the entrance area, including the smooth metal door in the plane. Emphasizing the building face, the remainder of the plot-driven corner wooden footbridge, situated in an outdoor fireplace. From there, the building is perceived in its entirety.”

Photos by: Maris Lapins

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