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Incredible Penthouse in London by Richard Hywel Evans Architects

By • May 18, 2011 •  Selected Work 

This incredible 8,072 square foot penthouse, built of steel and glass on top of two buildings, is located in the London area of Notting Hill.

From the roof space of two neighboring buildings, the challenge for Richard Hywel Evans architects (Studio RHE) was to create one spectacular living space to be connected by a glass footbridge.

Having accomplished this, the next stage was to create a bright, airy and versatile living space on two levels suitable for a family with the most modern, high-tech and functional demands.

The final challenge was to install a glass elevator to give direct access into the apartment on two levels.

Completed four years ago, the elevated location of the building enables unrivaled views of Holland Park and West London.

This six bedroom, four bathroom penthouse has been on the market in 2011, offered at £7,85 million!

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5 Comments to Incredible Penthouse in London by Richard Hywel Evans Architects
  1. Largomike says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous design. However, I have to admit, I wouldn’t be able to imagine what a pain in the rear it would be to maintain in a city like London. With the constant rain and pollution, the windows would get greasy and dirty quickly. The amount of window cleaner needed to maintain it in a month would be staggering. Also, buying custom blinds for it would be equally if not more expensive as it offers no privacy if someone else lives on the same height as this one. Still, it’s a nice penthouse.

  2. Arendos says:

    I now have a goal in life: Earn £7,85 million.

  3. tigger says:

    It looks like a set from the 1970 Gerry Anderson sci-fi series “UFO”.

  4. Roberto Mancini says:

    A very clean and interesting piece of work!

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