Alan Kimble Fahey has spent the last 30 years building a 20,000-square-foot labyrinth of buildings, called Phonehenge West, in Acton, an unincorporated census-designated place in Los Angeles County, California.

Unfortunately, Fahey never got a permit and the Los Angeles County enforcers are now demanding that Phonehenge West be torn down, because of many building and fire code violations.

The district attorney has charged Fahey with 14 criminal misdemeanor counts of maintenance of unpermitted properties and unlawful use of land.

A trial started yesterday and Fahey faces possible prison sentence up to seven years!

Phonehenge West is literally an exceptional place, something between art and architecture. Will it be enough to help Fahey keep his 30-year work?

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Photos by Genaro Molina, RuggyBearLA and courtesy of Alan Kimble Fahey
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