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House NC by Sequeira Arquitectos Associados

Braga-based studio Sequeira Arquitectos Associados has completed the Casa NC project.

This three-story 7,000 square foot residence is located in Guimarães, an historical city in Braga district, Portugal.

House NC by Sequeira Architects

“650 square meters were needed to solve all the requirements of the owner. The house would have to be spread over three floors in order to adjust to about 10 meters in height difference between the extremes of the longitudinal field. The landscape was nice. Oriented to west and with a large panoramic through the city of Guimarães, would make sense to use this attributes to favor the social and private areas exploring natural light and a view from this privileged orientation.

On the ground floor is the larger enjoyable area of plot, where we can find the living and dining rooms, the kitchen and the pool deck, always with the possibility of merge the interior space with outer space by moving the slinding doors.

On the middle floor is the sleeping rooms and the highest floor works likes the main access to the house. Here is the office and an outdoor balcony that enjoys the best view of the whole building.

The dark gray color applied to the building volumes fall it in the surroundings and the interior courtyards transform its mass in contemplative zones.”

Photos by: Nelson Garrido

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