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Parkos Arnall Residence by Glen Irani Architects

By Eric Meunier


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Glen Irani Architects have completed the Parkos Arnall project in 2009.

Located on the Venice Canals of Los Angeles in California, this 2,500 square-foot, 3 bedroom, 3 and a half bathroom, 2 office house represents the third in the architect’s series of Hover Houses.

Parkos Arnall Residence by Glen Irani Architects:

“Hover House 3 represents the third in the architect’s series of Hover Houses which focuses on maximizing outdoor living environments by structurally “hovering” the building envelope above the land.

Unlike rooftop living environments, Hover Houses’ are comfortably shaded, integrated into the landscape and provide much needed permeable land for ground water replenishment.

The hope is that the Hover House concept sets a standard in temperate regions for eliminating significant portions of the interior floor area in exchange for exterior living areas, thus saving resources and reducing the project’s carbon footprint.

Sustainability Design:

Hover House 3 utilizes numerous sustainability-improved technologies. Embodied energy analysis on major systems resulted in the use of exterior man-made slate panels, exposed concrete walls and radiant hydronic heating and many of the finishes.

Natural ventilation is carefully devised with proper window placements and a wind tower that extend 9’ above the roof (the max allowed by code) in order to eliminate air conditioning. Roof-mounted photovoltaic panels offset 80% of power demands. With the exception of interior wall paint, all interior finishes are devised to last indefinitely so that future emissions from finish replacements are minimized or eliminated.

Other sustainability studies aimed specifically at reducing field application air and noise pollution, a little-recognized issue within the sustainability equation. The use of tar-free, cold-applied roofing and the panelized exterior which together eliminate significant amounts of field-construction noise, VOC and CO emissions.”


Photos courtesy of Glen Irani Architects
Source: Contemporist

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