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Soho Penthouse Triplex Loft by Paul Cha Architect

New Yoprk city-based architect Paul Cha has designed this converted loft in SoHo, New York City, USA.

This 10,000 square foot triplex apartment is now the private of a young couple with children.

Broome Street Triplex Loft by Paul Cha Architect:

“The fourth and fifth floor are designed to act as a quiet refuge from the chaotic workload and frequent overseas travel, as well as to provide and elegant space for the entertaining and private realm of a young family.

The third floor is designed to accommodate visiting family and guests. In this manner, the architectural intervention enables the loft to transform from a quiet retreat, into a welcoming social surrounding, that reflects the excitement of its SoHo context.

The design of the loft explores the modernist use of plane/volume and opaque/transparent, with the interplay of different materials. The strategy adopted, is that of a contemporary architectural intervention within an pre-existing envelope.

Movements, spaces and volumes occur to fulfill various functional requirements through the architectural manipulation of materials, details and finishes. Two equal halves performing public and private functions are employed throughout horizontally and vertically.

The public fifth floor rests upon the private fourth floor, and the third floor’s public front versus the private rear. The public functions are delineated by the interplay of planes : the walls and floors, while the private functions are defined by volumes encased by intersecting solid walls.

The solid cherry wall and two story high bookcase and the delicate staircase enclosing these private functions, are punctured by high windows and pre-existing skylights, allowing light to penetrate while preserving a sense of serene calmness.”

Photos courtesy of Paul Cha Architect

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