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Residential Building in Cisano di Bardolino by Fusina6

By • Jul 7, 2011

Barcelona-based studio Fusina6 has remodeled and transformed a single family house into a four-unit building.

Completed in 2010, the now 2,379 square-foot property is located in Verona, Italy.

Residential Building in Cisano di Bardolino by Fusina6:

“The residential building in Cisano del Garda started as a “building renovation with extension of the existing volume of a single family house.”

The project involves the almost complete demolition of the original artefact and its reconstruction with the same shape.

The project area is protected by the “bond panorama of absolute respect” similar to rural areas.

The typological and formal construction of the building required by law are those in the agricultural zone, that is a pitched roof, tiled channel (tiles) in terracotta, wooden doors and windows.

The project seeks to reinterpret with contemporary elements the traditional local architecture.

The traditional local architecture of the lemon groves of Garda Lake with the linearity, modularity and simplicity of its site plan is the most important reference of this residential building project.

Architecture and plant elements are intertwined and come together: the building into the garden and the garden into the building, forming a series of patios and citrus trees that are home to create a sequence of spaces of shadow and light.

The compact shape with a gable roof fragments to be virtually rebuilt by the elements of shading in the wood that mitigate the summer sun and allow the views of the lake to the west.

The trees mark a rhythm and become themselves architecture.”

Photos courtesy of Fusina6
Source: ANP

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