German architect Patrick Frey has designed this Summer House in collaboration with Björn Götte.

According to the architect, the 750 square-foot two-bedroom wooden prefab cabin can be used as a vacation home, studio space, home office or even a primary home.

Summer House Piu by Patrick Frey:

“The summerhouse Piu is a modern pre-fabricated wooden house with an unusual design and is beautifully finished. It is simple, elegant and versatile.

Piu can be used in different ways. It offers occupants may be a holiday house, a calm every-day study, a weekend-holiday home, a comfortable domicile through the whole year etc.

Piu enables people to spend their time in places and in a house which they can afford – not only in summer.

Piu is a development in cooperation with the architect Björn Götte.”

Photos courtesy of Patrick Frey
Source: DesignBoom